1. Education process through compilation of skill & knowledge.
  2. Registered mark sheet & degree certificate through autonomous institution, nct new delhi.
  3. Every semester is dedicatedly design to make you a highly it professional in every industry.
  4. Skill education provides you multiple jobs opportunities.
  5. Bact covers all segment of it industry from basic to advance parameters.
  6. Every semester having individual skill set, which enable students for early jobs.
  7. Student will be early employable and can pay his rest fees from his own salary.
  8. A compilation of skill and knowledge will change your life from lower middle class to higher class.
  9. Career changing experience will make you highly productive individual in personal & professional life.
  10. Student will stands in every government jobs or opportunities.
  11. Individual semester track will decide your further post graduation track.
  12. Dream comes true with bact will change your life 360° & every student of iicl will be the financial support to his/herfamily.
  13. Opportunity to interact with our most experienced and valuable team member of iicl will always be there for all your career concerns.
  14. No need to pay higher fees in any education system or institute and no need to stand in queue for your Career.
  15. All govt. Affiliations will give you more respect & money compare to other private education institution.
  16. Passionate it professional will fly directly to the dream company like wipro, infosys, tcs, tech mahindra.
  17. BACT will add you wings of fire and reach to your desired dreams in your personal & professional life.
  18. Highly technology based education will develop every students starting from ssc / hsc / diploma / or any stream pass/fail.
  19. Official registered program will enroll student in employment exchange of india for job opportunities.
  20. One program can fulfill multiple dreams in your life.

DACT : 3 Semester BACT : 6 Semester