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IICL started in 2006, proven successful business model, gained the expertise for running a successful model and is continuously seeking new franchisee candidates to join the existing network of successful owners. IICL is committed to providing world-class IT education and creating satisfied customers, so we look for candidates that share our level of passion. Ideal franchisee candidates should also have a high degree of administrative, managerial and financial capabilities.

Franchisee Profile

We expect the franchisee who joins us should have a passion in education business. Successful IICL franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, but are committed in providing high quality IT training. In recent scenario we have seen Individuals working in an organization plans to startup a business along with a job. Existing running institutes offering Non-IT courses, that are looking to expand into the IT training field may also find the IICL model to be compatible with their goals. Franchisee can be from any background but should have experience in the following areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business and operation management
  • Business ownership

Personal Requirements

Franchisee candidates should have a strong network of local contacts and a good understanding of the culture and IT needs in the area where the training center will be opened. Candidates should be driven to dominate the local market and have the business knowledge, energy, and enthusiasm needed to do so.

Flexibility and Leadership

IICL normally work with the franchisee by giving complete support, but we expect the franchisee should have a strong hold locally in day to day management and should have a strong manager who can implement the guidelines efficiently. The franchisee should be flexible and strong enough to make a brand in the local market along with the support and guidance by IICL.

Financial Requirements

This business runs successfully on Strong Management and Decent Infrastructure. We expect the franchisee should not compromise on the quality of staff appointment and infrastructure of the center. Financial issue should not stop him to move ahead. As per our past experience normally a franchisee should have 3months of initial working capital in hand to run the business smoothly after which the business takes over all the expenses.



A 12 years old Brand, pioneer in IT training. A proven model where the investments are low and breakeven is in 7 months. Brand which gives you all associations of the principle company like Microsoft, Redhat, CompTIA, EcCouncil, Cisco etc on day one. The courses which you will promote in the market will be official course curriculum with official books and certifications. The experience of our existing centre doing 50 lacs a month collection will be shared and replicated in your centre. The experienced front and back end team for every head like placements, sales, college sales, staff recruitment etc will befor your support.

What will be the total capital investment?

The total capital investment can be as low as 7 lacs and as high as 20 lacs

What is the Capital Guarantee?

IICL works hand in hand with the new centre till breakeven and assures the breakeven in 7months. For detail understanding please call us.

How much is the Brand Fee & Why Affiliation Fee?

Normally any brand takes a fee for all the achievements and success achieved till date and is given on day one to you. The moment you are attached with the brand you become a brand on the day one. The revenues start coming accordingly. To know how much is the fee please call us.

What is the ROI and Breakeven Point?

As per our past experience the breakeven point is 7 months and the profitability is 35%+

What is the space required for set up a center?

The minimum floor space needed would be 800 to 1200 sft.

What support will I get from IICL?

To achieve a breakeven in the first important target. In Pre launch right from shortlisting a place to appointing a staff, training them we will take care. In launch, making your centre visible, attaching a mechanism of providing leads, making relations with nearby colleges, making your staff capable to achieve targets etc we will ensure. In post launch, right from the first month till your centre is independent and confident to achieve the goal we will ensure to work hand in hand. To understand in detail please callus

Who will provide quality manpower to the center?

IICL will expand all possible support for recruitment and training of quality manpower to the center.

What activities will IICL do for advertising and creating a brand pull at the franchisee location?

Except doing all activities at National Level on Newspaper Media, Online Media, Radio etc we are more focused locally as the market is within the radius of 10km. We have various strategy to convert 5 out of 10 enquiries. Conversion is the focus with IICL. To understand in detail please call us

How will the cost of advertising be shared?

One share is company share when it is divided amongst the centres.

What is the duration for a franchisee agreement? Is there a renewal fee after the duration of agreement expires?

The duration of franchise agreement is 3 years. The renewal is based on the performance and relationship in the past. But any how it will not be more than 50% of the current fee charged.

How long does it take for approval after applying for opening an IICL center?

We have a team who will certify and approve which takes 3 working days.

What are the man-power requirements for opening a franchisee?

Initially we need 2 trainers, 1 marketing executive and 2 counsellors. As and when the enrollment increases the team increases. We have a detailed project report please call us to understand in detail

Is it mandatory for a person to have experience in IT field/ training industry to set up a franchisee?

No, it is not mandatory for a person to have IT training background to set up a franchisee.We need your support in day to day management.

What is the defined KRA for the centers?

Maintaining standard quality in training and infrastructure should be the main KRA for the centers.

How many centers are you planning to start in a geographical location?

The number of centers would solely depend on the demographics and the market potential. IICL will decide on the number of centers based on various parameters.

What should be the minimum distance between two centers?

There are no set distances defined between two centers. The decision solely remains in the hands of IICL based on the population of the Target Audience, the market potential and various other factors pertaining to that geographical location.

What kind of support do we get from IICL?

This is the most important question which makes us different from other brands. please call us to understand.

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